Several months ago, I decided to run for Congress for two reasons:  1. To unseat what I would refer to as a unethical, career (proven) and slimy politician (my humble opinion); 2. To be voice of my brothers and sister in blue and stop the hate and defunding of the police movement.

But to do that – I obviously needed more votes than him to win the primary. But add to that, I also was contending with another candidate – Elijah Norton, a young businessman who just happened to be very wealthy and able to self-fund the early stages to get his campaign running, something I was struggling to do. 

But the biggest problem with Elijah and myself running is we would split the anti-Schweikert vote and he’d skate into another term. The thing was – Elijah had the money and I had the experience and wisdom of being a vintage dude who had worked in and ran for political office. I felt that a person could raise money but experience and wisdom you can’t raise – it takes time and I had 4 decades of it to Elijah’s half a decade.

So, the two of us would cancel each other out for the most part and only one thing that work, would be Elijah dropping out and supporting me. So, I set up a meeting with Elijah and he accepted the meeting.

In that meeting I found out a lot I didn’t know. One of them being that he had already nailed down the support of many high-level party members both here and in Washington. He’s done focus groups, polling and some really early success in fundraising, which was very impressive. But he was also well-spoken, articulate, intelligent with a hell of a team (some I approached and it’s probably why I never heard back – he’s already hired them) and he was open to my proposal…but, not the one I was meeting him for.

Going into the meeting I knew two things had to happen – either he drop out or I had to drop out. But after talking to him, what he had already accomplished, the money, the heart and desire he had – I knew the best thing to beat Schweikert was for me to drop out and support him

So, I told to him – you are the real deal and the youth we need to support for the future of our country and our party and that I would drop out and throw my support behind him.  But this was the impressive and cool thing that solidified why I made the right decision – he asked me to join his campaign as an advisor on public while unseating Schweikert.So, I’d like to thank everyone for helping me.  By doing so, you helped me not win Congress (which was a long shot in the first place) but helped me to get to this point where I have a much better shot at doing the most important things other than getting elected – making positive change that can impact our country, be a voice for law enforcement and boot Schweikert out of Congress.Type your paragraph here.