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Community Service

Fountain Hills Crisis Response Team
Chair - Oceanside Police and Fire Commission

Chair - Oceanside Fire Appeals Board
Crime Analyst - Redondo Beach Police
Crime Prevention Committee - Royal Oak, MI
L.A.P.D. Citizens Advisory Commission - Pacific Division

Board of Directors - Oceanside Boys and Girls Club

Board of Directors - Oceanside Jaycees

The Story of Konczal...

With a diverse background in technology, transportation/logistics, public safety and clean energy, I have built and led companies, help others get started, and managed high-profile relationships, including professional sports teams and players, movie studios and high-level government accounts such as the FBI, NASA and dozens of city/county/state agencies.

Two of the transportation companies I founded (and subsequently were acquired) specialized in shipping automobiles for over 600 actors, studios pro-athletes, agents and teams and large government accounts such as the U.S. Treasury, NASA and the FBI. I always said, if you can build a business successfully serving the most pampered and demanding customers in the world, you can make any customer feel like they are #1. Both have been in continuous operations for forty eight years

I have a long history in technology beginning in the 80’s while a police officer on light duty with Dallas P.D., I saw a need for automating the tracking of crime instead of placing pins in a map. With a partner, we developed CTRAN crime trend analysis software using keyword searches (we called the special words) in helping beat cops identify crime trends.

But my time at Ford Motor Company, allowed me to get out of my entrepreneurial, small business life and successfully traverse the waters of one of the worlds largest corporations and succeeding in those shark infested waters. To keep things short on my resume, I didn’t list all the projects, big and small I handled. But I a reputation in stamping and manufacturing IT as the “go-to-guy” when things needed to get done quickly and efficiently.

At one point, the launch of the new Mustang was on one guy, that was me. If I couldn’t get the funding released for the plants computers to launch on January first, the Mustang program would have been delayed. But I was able to secure the funding transfer for one “bucket” to another (which they said couldn’t be done in the current accounting procedures) and then got all eight signatures, including the final one from the EVP of Ford with only hours to spare before the holiday shutdown.

While V.P. of Operations at Search Optics, my team of 18 developers, writers, media buyers, and social media folks successfully and on-time, lunched dozens of auto dealership websites and social media initiatives. And as I told you in the interview, we succeeded in restoring the online reputation of car dealership after a disgruntled customer committed suicide in his “lemon” of a car in front of the dealership. While there, I also created the employee quarterly review and incentive program along with implementing a third-party software to manage projects and all IT service tickets.

As V.P. of operations contracted by the Getty’s to rescue a failing project building a biodiesel refinery in L.A. I got the project back on track and hired the necessary personnel to take it over the finish line. I was also COO of a start-up plugin hybrid technology company that converted gas guzzlers into plug-in hybrids. The technology wasn’t panning out as the battery technology at the time was in its infancy and funding ran out.

I then decided to combine my law enforcement experience and technology and entered the world of public safety technology.

As Chief Revenue Officer with Emerging Digital Concepts a public safety technology company, I developed the branding, pricing models, marketing strategies (including website development, marketing collateral, and online marketing) and strategic partnerships with leading tech companies such as Motorola, Central Square Technologies, and Spillman. Those efforts resulted in being named one of the Top Public Safety companies for 2021 by govCIO magazine.

I also served as a regional sales manager at TriTech Software Systems (now Central Square Technologies) managing 70+ law enforcement and fire accounts in California, including one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the world, California Highway Patrol. My final year I obtained 140% of my quota and met all sales milestones.

I am a self-starter, creative, successful, persistent, and passionate in any endeavor I take on. I am goal driven and am a no-excuse leader that people follow as I treat everyone as I would expect to be treated but demand in others, the same as I demand in myself – do the best you can, take pride in everything you do and know in the end, no matter the outcome, you did your very best.Type your paragraph here.

                                                                                                                                    Professional Summary

Emerging Digital Concepts, Alexandria, VA                                                             2/2016-12/2021
Chief Revenue Officer

- Bringing the SaaS Next-Generation Exchange, NG-CAD-X to market which allows public safety agencies to interface their computer aided dispatch (CAD) systems with their neighboring jurisdictions. Through the company’s innovative CAD2CAD exchange, agencies can share unit, incident, notification details.
- Open channels with other public safety software vendor to license/sell our software.
- Develop relationships with police and fire agencies to bring our software into their work flow.
- Attained annual sales goal doubling previous years sales totals and signed two new resellers.

TriTech Software Systems San Diego, CA                                                                  9/2013-2/2016
Regional Sales Manager

- Government sales of software systems/products specializing in Public Safety sales of: CAD, RMS, FBR, JMS, and CAD+911 while introducing other products to the market and providing customer service to our clientele.
- Responsible for existing California customer base of 70+ clients.
- 2015 Sales – Attained 140% of sales quota ($1.7M in add-on sales).

VizunWorks    Detroit, MI / La Jolla, CA                                                                     9/2010 – 8/2013
Senior Consultant

BUSINESS START-UP / Project Management
- Supply Chain Service Group, LLC:  Contracted to designed and implement a freight brokerage business unit including: process design and implementation, logistic software review and implementation, carrier selection, web site and SEM campaigns, and candidate selection. Launched within 6-months.
- Hit Oil: Complete business, marketing and operational set-up importing hydro-impulse technology from Russia (until Russia put a halt to the technology being exported to the U.S.).
- Mug for Men, Inc. - Co-founder of men's all-natural skin care. Branding, formulation, marketing, manufacturing and distribution
Project Manager
- Ford Motor Co. - Ohio Assembly - Reengineered and implemented Web Based Logistics application for tracking and managing production relocation for the E-150 Van. Worked closely with programmers, Ford management, UAW, and Launch Manager. T
- Chrysler - MOPAR Product Distribution Center, Paint Operations - Product Development - Designed the system's architecture for a scheduling application for tracking paint line efficiency and planning. Hired developers, designed architecture and managed the project through to completion.
- Beltman Logistics - reengineered Company’s processes, facilitated web development and launch, implemented eCommerce, marketing campaign and business plan. Managed rapid-rollout in the installation of Reactrix Interactive Media Systems in 135 locations nationally in 5 weeks.  

Search Optics San Diego, CA                                                                                        6/09-8/2010
Vice President, Operations

- Responsible for the management, hiring and mentoring a team of 18: managers, designers, software developers, system engineers, customer service reps, writers and SEO specialists.
- Developed and mapped all internal processes. Identified and launched company-wide Web based data management system that tracks all I.T. projects, service requests (over 1500 per month), and website launches, along with implementing company-wide bonus/incentive plan.
- Production increased two-fold since taking over operations with all 52 projects launched on time.

Plug-in Hybrid, Inc.  San Diego, CA                                                                               10/08-5/09
Chief Operating Officer/Partner

- Operational set-up, hiring, and the development, design, operation, and improvement of the processes that manufactures and delivers hybrid technology to existing vehicles.
- Responsible for ensuring that business operations are efficient and effective and that proper management of resources, distribution of goods and services to our customers.
- Mentoring and leading team members to use and cultivate their talents for future success.
- Loss of third round of funding.

GeoGreen Biofuels, Inc.  Los Angeles, CA                                                                 1/2008-9/2008
Vice President of Operations

- Developed and wrote project plan for the construction of a $4M biodiesel refinery. Created and documented business processes and mapping of complete refinery processes, vendor and government relations and recruited/hired plant manager to implement the project plan through to completion.

All-Pro Auto Transport, LLC   Detroit, MI                                                                   2/2005-11/2007

- Founder of eCommerce vehicle transportation company which included operational set-up, branding, marketing, sales, carrier negotiation and hiring, P&L, dispatching and client services.
- Company was acquired by a competitor and has since be again acquired and rolled into one large transportation entity.

Ford Motor Company  Dearborn, MI                                                                           5/2002 – 5/2005                                             

Materials, Planning and Logistics
- Operational set-up of the Dell asset management process for North American Manufacturing including software loads, warehousing set-up, inventory controls, operations, logistics, and distribution.
- Just-in-Time Distribution Initiative and developed an application (Premium Freight Scheduling and Tracking System) saving Ford and estimated $1.2 million a year in overcharges.

Pleasant Ridge (MI) PD / MI Attorney General                                                         09/2000-08/2004                
Police Officer/Special Agent  - Part time

- Patrol and investigative responsibilities.
- Promoted, received funding, and implemented first regular bike patrols.
- Special Agent (part-time) MI Attorney General’s Detroit Fugitive Apprehension Team
- Dallas Police Department – Police officer – 1982-1985

Pro-Star Auto Transport    Los Angeles/Oceanside, CA                                      10/1989 –12/1999                                                              

Automotive Logistics Company serving professional sports, entertainment and government.                            

-Conceptualized and launched an auto transport including operational set-up, branding, marketing, sales, carrier negotiation and hiring, P&L, dispatching and client services.
-Cornered professional sports market within two years with over 600, NFL, NBA and MLB pro-athlete clients.
-Launched early in transportation Website in1995 and increased sales by 25% in the first year.
-Designed and developed logistics management software application called Probase (in Access).
-Accounts acquired included: ADM, EDS, Genentech, Labcorp, Black and Decker, and All-State Insurance. Government accounts opened with the F.B.I., NASA, V.A., Interior and Treasury.
-Company sold for a large ROI to a relocation company and it is enjoying its 32nd year of excellence.

North Lake College, Dallas, TX – Business Administration.
Oakland Community College, Bloomfield Hills, MI – Criminal Justice.

Technical Skills: Sales Force, MS Office (Word, Excel, Paint, Access, Power Point) MS Project.